Cross breeding….

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Since plantations time, and rare interracial intercourses except a white male master/ black female slaves, cross breeding was an important element in the shaping and the formation of Americans like we know them today. A mutant an pop up entity between black and white….and recently between black, white, Hispanic or native American an Asian …. brief, American as we know them today are creatures resulted from all this several level cross breeding, few and rare kept their racial purity, mostly in the south, since it is well known that an 100% white looking person doesn’t mean an 100% white DNA; cross breeding is not an exact science, so basically all Americans are the result of cross breeding, whites, to improve their look, for a better facial features and anatomy since centuries discovered that mixing up with blacks is an improvement to their pale look, Blacks to avoid the Nigger slave stereotype went blind to seek other genes to lighten up their skin an lose that African slave facial features…Hispanics….a new ethnic groups resulted from the cros breed between Europeans and Native Americans, with no way to claim ancestry other to the native Americans, often not so proud of their history, they are dying to be seen like some thing else, often cross breeding serve their goal….and they tend to want to pass for whites, Asian are well known of their special look in a society little tolerante toward an extreme Chinese look, Chinese females start spreading their legs to any none China man seeds… Improving the over all look of Chinese and Asians in general….

Another factor, without talking about the huge amount of food Americans ingest in their body….is the biologic liquids exchange…It is well known that America is blow Job nation…it’s a part of American culture and values….the swallowing of the male’s semen is as frequent as smocking a cigarette in USA, so what happened is that the mans sperm contain all his genetics traits in a proteined visqueuse substance, so it may be considered a different way of cross breeding, or an genetic traits modifier factor, it change the genetic of the offspring in a low level than the direct sexual intercourse. That’s been happening in America since centuries in an huge frequency…The main cross breed was between blacks and whites,since naturally those groups are the main components of the american society before the influx of Hispanic and Asian immigrants, and those two groups tend to cross breed breed out of their race in a lower levels,the majority of cross breeding happened between blacks and white, interracial sex which is an bedrock of the American culture is so frequent,since the plantation time selective breeding of slaves was practiced to improve the productivity, the result is a “super slave”, it was used the same way it’s used in a farm to make better genetically modified animal for a better quality of the cattle, as a result the “super slave” was stronger, bigger more muscular and with an superior stamina…. the strongest fittest black males were paired up with the strongest healthiest black females because their offspring would be better more valuable workers in the cotton fields. While this practice (like all other aspects of slavery) was reprehensible, it did result in black males being born that were tremendous physical specimens with superior size, stamina, and sexuality as well. This fact was not lost on the Southern white women (some of whom were undoubtedly wives) of the day as they were drawn to the impressive physiques and powerful primitive sexuality of these black male slaves. Descendants of these black men are still around today and white women of today are still just as powerfully drawn to them as the white women in the Old South were generations ago. This trend continues with no signs of letting up, and it is clear that at some point a large percentage of white women in our society will have had some level of sexual experience with a black man. Some feel that perhaps as many as 1 in 5 white married women have had sexual relations with a black man after they were married! The BM/WF trend has continued and has seemingly gained momentum not only because the laws against interracial intimacy have been removed, but also because interracial sexuality among white women (most notably white wives) has been to a large degree promoted by the evolution of the society the media and the American life style.
Other fact as cited before is the act of swallowing the black man semen, America is known word wide as blow job nation and black man with the super-slave genes are still around, maybe in a bad shape, except the few athletes, since after the abolition of slavery blacks got lazy and with all the free government aids, they got super fat, huge and setting world records in obesity. but the genes still there white females who don’t cross breed directly with blacks, got s
That’s explain why American take all shapes, colors, forms and sizes also that explain the body structure of Americans and immigrants that adapt to America life style (…?!)

As a result the overall look of Americans is a little controversial…

American Women. Nothing further needs to be said. Using the word women may be a push. The women in America are about as far from females as you can get. Females in America are similar to women, in the fact that they have a vagina, uterus and ovaries but that is where the similarities end.

A genetic mutation unleashed sometime during the 20th century has began to destroy American females. De-evolution has began in the United States at multiple levels.

American women look like an effeminate man…a Man with a long hair and a vagina…

American males are feminine and tend to be homosexual….

“What’s wrong with your nation ….?You got an gender issue …I heard that swallowing Niggers sperm’s side effects are like using testosterone’s side effect …Think about it, Sperm is man’s precious extraction…it’s like testosterone(the male’s hormone)…your females get big, arrogant and masculine …..even some grows facial hair hahahahahaha …ok, it’s rare when they grow facial hair, but that’s true they are fat and masculine, even when they try to act feminine and sexy that’s just dont feel right…it’s like they are a specie a part …lol

YOU A PATHETIC NATION, I feel sorry for how stupid and ignorant Y’all are. “
M. TaMere
founder or TaMere Network.



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Random Picture of Americans body In divers historical periods…

No need to mention the evolution and the “gray mutant creature” That is the result of direct cross breeding between blacks and white, and/or different fluids exchanges between races.

The Pop up entity or body look is the “aveerage American” you see today …..Of course there is exception due to the large population of the US and to the constant influx of Immiggrants.

The picture of Obama’s negra depicte the awakness of americans of the sad reality that they are an obese nation and how hystiricall they all got about how they look like , aN LOOK WIDELY HATED AND DESPISED all over the world, a look synonyme of perveersion, evilness and reflect stupidity and obesity.